Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lemon and Peppermint Tea

On Wednesday night, I wanted to make myself a hot drink that wouldn't keep me awake or react badly with my very full tummy, so I decided to make a cup of lemon and peppermint tea. I was using my little tea-plungy-thingy, so ideally I would have liked to use fresh mint leaves from my garden, but it was dark and I can't remember which of my mint plants is peppermint and which is chocolate mint and I'm not brave enough to lucky dip where lemon is concerned, so I used a peppermint teabag. I cut two slices of lemon and put them in the infuser with the teabag and filled it with boiling water.

I let it brew for five minutes before I pushed the plunger down, removed the tab from the teabag to avoid a very-hot-water-based disaster in which water splattered in all directions, and poured the tea into a cup.

I put a little sprinkle of cinnamon in mine because I put cinnamon in everything. Cinnamon is sweet, tasty and good for you, so it feels like a win to me... unless you're allergic to cinnamon, in which case don't put cinnamon in your food and drinks, it isn't good for you (cinnamon allergy is rare).

I quite enjoyed this drink, rather than blending, it felt to me like I could taste lemon, then peppermint, then lemon, all with a subtle hint of cinnamon.I may try it again in the future with fresh peppermint.

Happy Teatime!
Cassandra Louise