Monday, 20 October 2014

Garden Update: Plant Babies

Things are going quite well in my garden. I did get potting mix and I moved the four pea seedlings to their own pot. It really is too hot for newborn peas right now, and unfortunately I've already lost one. The other three seem to be holding on, though. Go, go little pea plants!

My lettuces are starting to look like lettuces, too. They're all in a clump as they self-seeded, but I've found lettuces can usually sort themselves out.

I've thinned out my carrots, leaving the biggest, strongest looking carrots where they were, I transplanted the very smallest few to other tubs in the garden and moved the medium-sized carrots further apart in the carrot tub. Carrots hate being transplanted, it's really their least favourite thing to do, so I watered them in with seaweed solution to ease the shock. I will be surprised if the smallest carrots recover, but at least they have a chance... when I say "smallest", I mean this size:
See that little red-orange thing? That's a carrot!

I sprinkled some more dirt in the carrot tup to cover up the exposed part of their roots, so now my carrots look like this:
Well that's actually much blurier than I thought it was when I took it. Really my carrots are not blurry at all, but they do have a lovely crop of green fluff.

I removed the mini greenhouse from my chilli today and moved the pot into the main part of the garden. It's now this big:

The other new plant babies I have are strawberries. I got this handy little all-in-one greenhouse from Kmart:

And it now has four tiny little strawberry sprouts in it. I tried to get a good picture of the actual sprouts, but it turns out they're camera shy.

What's going on in your garden? :-)
Happy Planting!
Cassandra Louise


  1. My garden is a little beehive of activity at the moment. We just finished our veggie patch and have all new seeds planted and have been watching the tiny little sprouts pop up through the ground. Our tomatoes have started to grow fruit and the corn is taking off at great speeds!

    1. How wonderful! I don't have any tomatoes in yet, this year, but I will before the season is over. I had tomatoes for nine months last time, due to the mild weather. :-D
      In my next garden, I hope I can grow corn. :-)

  2. I decided to plant some peas and pumpkin micro plants. I put 10 seeds and only 2 have sprouted!!! No luck...

    1. Oh. boo! :-( Seeds can be a real game of chance. :-) x

  3. Oh, the teeny weeny carrot is so cute!!!

    1. Right?! :-D I have big carrots in, now. ^_^