A bit more about me

Hello humans and primary school educated cats.  My name is Cassandra but you can call me basically anything you find easy to remember.  I would prefer it to be nice if you're going to use it when you talk to me, though.
I look like this except less sucked in and squished.  It's hard to take a good selfie when you're worried about cutting off your halo:

I'm 27 years old (I know!  You thought I was so much younger/older/you didn't care!  I get that a lot.) and currently studying my certificate 3 in Children's services; like, actually studying it right now, I have it open in another window.  One day I will be a primary school teacher and not have to change nappies at work anymore, with the possible exception of the cats.

In 2012 I moved from Maryborough in geographically-dispossessed Queensland (too low to be North, too eastern to be Central, too...) to Brisbane, so that's where I am, now.  My Mum took on my Maryborough garden after I left, so it's still going strong.  A little better than my Brisbane garden so far, but my Brisbane garden is only a baby.  I'm vegetarian, so theoretically I can grow all my own food.  I do eat eggs and dairy, so I would quite like two chickens and a goat, but I'm not sure they'd enjoy living in my courtyard, and I'm reasonably sure they wouldn't be allowed in the house.  Either way, I'm trying to build up to growing 80% of my own vegetables and herbs and some of my own fruit.  I basically started my first garden in Maryborough because I don't drive, the buses there are infrequent and it was an hour's walk to the nearest shop.  I also quite like food being free or close to free, which after initial outlay most food gardens can provide.

If something can be composted instead of thrown in the general rubbish, I am all over that, as that makes some really yummy dirt to plant my garden into.

I'm basically a dirty, smelly hippie because I love food.

You can read my complete Blogger profile here.

I've kept you here much too long when you could have been looking at pictures of cats!  Go, go!

Much love,
Cassandra Louise.


  1. Growing 80% of your own food is an awesome goal. I'm really getting stuck into my garden now. You'd probably really get my post on sustainable living. Thanks for introducing yourself.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! :-D