Monday, 13 October 2014

Garden News: Chilli, Carrots and Peas

Remember my mini greenhouse from this post?
Well, look what's in it now!

I moved it slightly so it was over the strongest plant. If I still get more than one, that's fantastic, but this way I'm guaranteed to get at least one. It's about 5cm tall now. I think I'll be taking the greenhouse off it in about a week.

My carrots are recovering well and the roots (the carrot part) have visibly started growing again.

Very soon I'll need to go through them and move them a little further apart. There's some very straggly ones that are having a lot of trouble and they may need to come out, but I'm soft hearted/headed [delete as applicable] so I'll probably make a carrot nursery for those ones. 
The little one on the right of the screen probably can't catch up.
I also found the kind of surprise you only get when you put your used potting mix back in the compost to refresh:

Surprise pea plants have come up in the tub of a native plant I potted up a few weeks ago. It's really getting too hot for peas, but I still want to give them the best start I can.  On Saturday I walked to Coles with my wheelie bag (you know, like grannies have) to get some potting mix to rehome my peas, as I don't have any more compost ready right now. Turns out Coles no longer sells any potting mix. Boo! So today I'm walking to the next closest shop which may have some and hopefully wheeling some home to replant those peas before they climb on my native friend there. Potting mix is heavy and I'll be walking really quite a long way considering, so that's my workout for the week, thank you very much!

Happy gardening!
Lots of Love,
Cassandra Louise.


  1. Thanks for linking up! :D I wish it was growing season here! I've done all my veg growing til next year now.

    1. Thanks for commenting! You can live vicariously through my gardening until then. ;-)