Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A little plug for people who aren't me (and me a bit)

Just a short post today, because I've gotten myself all excited about something and I need to share it.
A few days ago I was doing some blog-hopping, and, following a link to a link to a link, I happened upon A Fresh Legacy.  I loved what I was reading and found a lot of good ideas.  Continuing to blog-hop, I scrolled down to see what was in the sidebar and found a button that leads to Sustainable Suburbia wonderful linky list.
Now, I'm not trying to paint a picture of God, but I'm pretty sure that's what Heaven looks like.  Yes, Heaven is a list of eco-blogs, except with more ponies.
I've added the Sustainable Suburbia blog list button to my own sidebar.  It's certainly worth taking the time to have a look through, you never know what you might learn or whom you may meet.

Lots of love in all you do,
Cassandra Louise.


  1. Too good to keep to myself! :-)

  2. Thanks for the mention and link! Glad you found something useful on my site :) it has also meant that now I have found your site. K