Monday, 13 January 2014

Op Shop Hop - Maryborough Queensland

I've been in Maryborough to visit my pets, and also my parents are here.  I'm going back to Brisbane tomorrow, so today my mum and I went on an op shop hop around town.  We both found some great things, as well as some great things which we couldn't take home or didn't need but thought were wonderful.

Our first stop was the St. Vinnies shop on Kent Street.
 We chose a good day!  The "special" on the board today was:
Which is perfect for me, as I am a lady and wear tops.  I looked through the racks inside to find four tops that would fit me and were cotton.  The ones I picked out had an original sale price of this:
So I felt $10 for the lot was a great deal, especially since even the cheapest top I chose would have been over $10 new.
I chose this one, which is my new favourite top, so you can't tell me if you don't like it:
Along with these three:

Along with the four shirts, I found a nice cotton dress with pockets for $5.  I couldn't find anywhere to take a full length photo, so you'll have to believe me that it's about knee length.
I won't show you everything that Mum got for fear of making the longest photo-based blog post ever, but I must show you this sari* that she got for $4.
*Not being worn as a sari in picture, really just making me a beautiful speckled purple ghost
Other things of note at Vinnies included all these wonderful plants from $1!
This organ, with a stool for only $40.
And children's books for 50c each or 4 for $1 from this basket

Our next stop was the Salvos shop in Alice Street, on the corner of Bazaar Street.
Where the "special" this week is:
Mum was after manchester, so this was very good for her.  It's quite hot so we didn't even want to think about long pants existing, but it's great for anyone looking to stock up for Winter.
One thing really caught my eye in here, which was this two piece outfit, obviously home made but fits me like it was made for me!  It was $6 for the set.
And it looks like this on me:
Again, couldn't get a full length picture, but the skirt goes down to my knees.

Other things of note at the Salvos shop included these toys from 20c each, some with their original tags still on, averaging $1.
This beautiful bassinet for $40
And this 60cm long fish tank for only $20!

Third stop of our op shop hop was St. Paul's op shop in Adelaide Street.
My favourite thing at this shop is always this clothing rack at the door.  It always has a mix of women's, men's and children's clothing and each item is 50c.
Mum bought some candle holders here, $2 for a set of 4, and some fabric.  I found a book I wanted which was priced at 50c, but they threw it in for free with Mum's stuff.  Score!

Our final stop was the Lifeline shop, also in Adelaide Street
.They also had an excellent special on ladies' tops, but I already had four so I tried really hard not to look at any as I have to get all the stuff I buy home to Brisbane.
Inside, they also had a special on dresses, $5 each.  I got this pink dress which was marked down from $8!  It goes down to my ankles and is delightfully cool and breezy to wear!
Other items of note at Lifeline included 50c books.  SO MANY BOOKS!
These lovely dinner plates at $1 each:
And this big bin of green thongs (footwear, not the ahh... other kind) for 50c/pair, new!

If I didn't have to get everything back to Brisbane, I would have bought so much more... including that $40 organ, which I'm a bit in love with even though I never even saw it with the lid up.

Happy Op Shopping!
Cassandra Louise.


  1. Lots of real bargains there. I avoid op shops mostly because I don't need clothes and as far as household things goes, I have all I need and no room for more.
    I like the tops you bought.

    1. Thank you! I'm about to have a wardrobe clear out, and getting these few new pieces will make me stick to that! ;-)

  2. Trzeba korzystać z okazji, ale rozsądnie. Nie można kupować czegoś, tylko dlatego, ze jest tanie. To powinno nam być potrzebne. Pozdrawiam i dziękuję za odwiedziny.
    You have to use the opportunity, but reasonable. You can not buy something just because it is cheap. This should we be needed. Best regards and thank you for your kind visit.

    1. Yes, it's been many years since I bought something purely based on price. I'm now a very deliberate shopper. :-)

  3. Wow, some great deals over there!

    1. Yes! It's always so exciting to see what you can find. :-D

  4. I love going on holidays so I can visit new opshops! I took my daughter and her friend on an op shop hop this week - they scored so many great things - you can beat tshirts for $1 brand new!! FYBF :)

  5. I'm a gal who likes an op shop hop. Quite the addict in truth.
    There's nothing better than a fiddy cent wrack or a 4 tops for 10 bucks kinda deal. Glad you made the most of that. I never need anything but I figure I'm donating to charity, right? ;)

    1. So kind and giving of you! ;-) A few years ago I would have been inclined to buy enough to fill my own shop and make my poor mum post anything that wouldn't fit in my bag... except maybe that organ.

  6. I used to love op shops for clothing but as I've put on weight I just can't find anything that isn't fairly horrible in them haha

    1. Aww! Boo! :-( The only sucky part of op shopping is it all depends on what people donate. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  7. I love bargain shopping at Op Shops...this year I have made it my mission not to BUY stuff that we do not need to fill up the cupboards, but if I do need anything I am going to the Op shops because I want to stay away from the bigger shops where I usually buy things.
    Funny how little we really need to actually live with!
    You sure picked up some great bargains - love the tops you got. And the cool dresses :)

    1. Thanks! So good to hear your op shop plans! :-D