Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hello Humans and Very Smart Cats!

I'm writing a little update because I just approved a bunch of your comments on previous posts which lets me know I've been missed. I'm feeling the love!
I have a few posts in the pipeline, some recipes, some about my garden and a couple of posts I would classify as "articles" (quote marks are so you don't expect too much of them, I assure you they will just be rambling).

While I've been away I've been doing a lot of fiction writing- I'm contemplating setting up a blog just to let you read my stories, if you'd be interested- and even had a short story published as an ebook.
[Update: my blog of stories is live! The first story can be found here]
I've progressed in my teaching studies and am now studying the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and care.
I'm growing peas and carrots in my garden at the moment. The peas are nearly finished and the carrots are having trouble getting started as something is eating the tops.

More to come later, I promise you aren't forgotten.
Worlds of love,
Cassandra Louise.

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