Thursday, 26 April 2012


Alright, so I'm a little excited about my worms.  I mean earthworms.  Beautiful wriggly little garden friends!

I always find worms when I harvest potatoes, even though I grow my potatoes in pots.  The earthworms seem to absolutely love potatoes, which is why potato dirt (dirt that's had a crop of potatoes in it) is fantastic soil for growing anything at all, and doesn't even need refreshing.  I think the dirt-to-worm-poop ratio shifts almost entirely, but that's a good thing.  Honestly, I'm not sure how it works.  I have a friend who knows, and she tries to explain it to me sometimes, but I'm all like, "OMG there's worms!  Let me hold them!  They're so wriggly!" so I still don't know.  Something about poop.  Anyhow, worms are good.  Am I rambling?  I do hope so, I love a good ramble.

I hadn't expected to be harvesting potatoes when I went into my garden, but I saw they were ready, and so I thought I should.
When I harvest potatoes, I consider every one over the amount I planted to be pure bonus, and since this was one of my surprise potato plants, every single one is a bonus!  There were only five potatoes, but when I was harvesting, as always, I got just as excited every time I found a grub or an earthworm as I did when I found a potato.
I found a lot of earthworms, and each one I found, I scooped up in a little mound of dirt and put it in one of my pots, glad to have them, but not thinking much of them... until I found him (worms are both male and female, so either set of pronouns are correct.  I didn't ask this worm's name, so we'll just call it "him").  He was easily five inches long, and quite thick.  I knew I just had to get a photograph of him to show you guys, but my camera was upstairs in the house.  I put the worm in my hand and piled some dirt on him, I made my way towards the house.  The poor worm was confused, and burrowed down between my fingers.  I caught him in my other hand, put the dirt back on him and repeat... and repeat... and repeat.
By now, I'm not even half-way to the house, and I already feel sorry for him, so I turned around and put him in a pot.  I was absolutely fascinated watching his strong little body shifting the dirt as he dug his way down.  The worm had gone quite deep and I could still see powerful ripples in the soil.
But I'd lost my chance for a photo.
Then I found her (yes, this worm is "her", now we can tell them apart in our heads).  She was almost the same size as him, and this time I had an idea.  I was scooping the soil with an ice cream container, so I put her in the ice cream container with some dirt, and took her upstairs for her photo shoot like that.

These are the two best photos I got.  They're very blurry- you try taking photos of a worm in a bucket- but they'll give you an idea of my lovely big worms.

Aren't they just so beautiful?!  :-D

Love you all, I really do,

Cassandra Louise.


  1. After our last "chat" being about my shiny bum I wasn't thinking earth worms in that first sentence! Glad I was wrong ...

    1. Yes, that's one reason I thought it was important to specify! XD

  2. Haha I love this post. My sons are obsessed with.worms, they put them in our compost when they find them, but only after excited squeals and "mommy mommy I found a WORM!" xD

    1. Great that they have an interest in worms. Worms are special. :-D