Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Selections- Flights of Fancy

Today I am linking up with Frog Ponds Rock for Sunday Selections, and giving an outing to some photos which would otherwise be trapped inside my camera for all eternity.
There are always birds in and around the garden here, one or two birds, sometimes ten or so, and I'm always excited to see them.  I love all kinds of birds.  I love colourful birds and plain birds, and I even love that awful squawking racket they make when a huge flock get together.  When I see a bird, I will try to take a photograph, and as such, my camera is full of bird pictures.  All of these pictures were taken in one day, one week ago today, actually.

In the morning, I looked outside and saw this pigeon.  It's one of many kinds of native pigeon that sometimes visit the garden, a topknot (crested) pigeon.
From the top of the stairs, not wanting to scare it away, I chased it with the camera for a while, trying to get the "perfect" shot.  This is hard as all native pigeons are fast, what with being afraid of everything and all.

I'd lined up a beautiful, clear shot, in which you could really see all the sparkling colours on the bird's wing, but it must have had the eerie feeling it was being watched by something, because...
This is all I got.
I loved spending time taking pictures of that one bird in the morning, so imagine how I felt when I looked outside and saw this:
And this:
And just off to the right, this:
Short-billed corellas, here seen having the best of times, swinging on wires (if you look closely at the top corella picture, you can see a small green blur flying across the road.  That's also a bird, but I don't know what kind).
Here's some having a chat.
Walking across the road, because it can.
One is taking off, one is landing.
This one isn't a corella, because it's a magpie.
Quite a few rainbow lorikeets came over as well.  This one sat up on the fence, so I thought it must want its portrait taken.  I tried for a closer one, but...
It saw that there was something to eat on the ground, which is much more important than being immortalised.
But the corellas didn't like sharing.

And finally, may I present to you the best corella gymnastics of the day:

If you liked meeting these guys even half as much as I did, that makes me very pleased.

Cassandra Louise.


  1. These photos are delightful, as is your commentary. Thank you so much

  2. At last! A name for what L used to call peckerheads (no idea why)and what I've always called wood pigeons. They're topknots!

    I love the antics of the short-billed corellas which I just call white cockies.

  3. ha!! wow!! what a collection of birds...right outside your front door!!
    other than pigeons...we don't have any of the others around here!! the lorikeets sure do look like little flying rainbows!!

    great shots! happy sunday!

    1. We get two different kinds of lorikeets here, those rainbow lorikeets and another kind called scaly breasted lorikeets, which are the same green with red and yellow speckles or "scales" on their chests. Both beautiful, but the scalies are less common. :-)