Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Surprise Plants! Perhaps More Potatoes?

Potatoes may never stop surprising me.  I'm now on a quest of sorts to see exactly how little of a potato needs to be planted to grow a potato plant.  My first surprise potato plant today came when I opened the lid of the puple bin (the purple bin where my surprise potatoes had grown the first time).  After harvesting the potatoes, I had put the soil back in the bin until there was space in my compost bin for it.  I opened the lid to put the soil in the compost bin, but found this potato plant.

When I opened the compost bin, I was attacked by spiders as usual, but as I dug down, I found several long white stems.  I thought they were roots from the old cabbages I'd put in there a few weeks back, but I soon worked out they were actually potato plants.  I planted them in a pot and covered them over.  I will let you know how they all grow!
These are the little white potato plants.  They'll green up when they sprout properly.  I don't have a picture of them in the pot, as they're covered over to protect them from the sun and encourage growth, so it just looks like a really big pot of dirt.

Signed with love,
Cassandra Louise.

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