Monday, 3 February 2014

Green Pasta - Meatless Monday

Last week for Meatless Monday, I shared this lasagne recipe which feeds six people, four very hungry people or eight people who are having a lot of salad with it.  This week I'm linking up with Little Wolff again, and sharing something that feeds just one person, and only takes one small saucepan to make.

To make my green pasta, You will need:
 Any kind of dry pasta.  I happen to have penne, so that's what I'll use.
 Frozen spinach that comes in little segments like this:

Half an avocado, chopped into bits.
Vegetable stock powder (or any stock of any kind.  You're clever, you can adapt it).
You'll also need olive oil.

Add water, 1 teaspoon of stock powder and a drizzle of olive oil in a small saucepan.
When the water boils (oh yeah, you'll have to turn the stove on), add about a handful of pasta, the avocado and the spinach all at once.  Yay!
Break up the spinach cube by poking it periodically with a wooden spoon.  Let the whole thing cook according to the directions on your pasta packet, which is usually about 10 minutes, then give it a good stir.
Drain off excess liquid if you prefer, or have it as a nice light broth.  A sprinkling of pine nuts would be nice in it, too.  This recipe makes about this much:
Which is excellent for a quick lunch for one person, and of course could be easily adapted to feed more.

Happy cooking!
Cassandra Louise.

Little Wolff


  1. This sounds super easy and I love spinach :-)

    1. It's great for when you're hungry *right now* and don't want junk. :-)

  2. YUM! I usually make similar with nuttelex, spinach and basil. Love seeing this it will be a nice change to try!
    Thanks for joining the link up again!

  3. I have a similar one from another blog friend, cook pasta with tiny broccoli florets, add peas if you want, when cooked drain it, return it to the pan and stir through a little oil and some pesto, then serve. Top with grated cheese if you're in the mood.

    1. That sounds great, too! I love a good, quick pasta dish!

  4. Looks really tasty and healthy Cassandra :) Thank you so much for linking this recipe up at Recipe Sharing Monday. I hope to see you back next Monday. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I've been trying to think of a new recipe for next time. :-)