Sunday, 22 July 2012

It's been a bit damp.

It has actually been quite damp indeed.

This is a puddle:
Not even all of the puddle.  To get the whole puddle, I would have had to stand on the road.
This is also a puddle:
I had to walk on the Someone's Front Yard side of the footpath.  This is why I need an entourage, and one guy in my entourage would carry a wide plank, for just such a situation.  Anyway, I digress.

Because it's been so wet, my fledgling herb garden has become overwhelmed.  This is basically all that remained:
Which of course meant I needed to buy some established plants, seing as my garden has been set back so.  I bought
ALL THE MINT EVER! (I don't have a cat here, the cat mint is for me)
Some herbs which are not mint
A gazania named Rupert (he just looks like a Rupert to me)
And a Black Russian Tomato plant.  I prepared a plastic tub for the tomato by stabbing some holes in it, both in the bottom and in the sides.  If you are putting holes in a plastic tub, put the side you are cutting into against the ground, soft ground is best, and push the blade into the soil through the plastic.

I wanted to plant some basil seeds around the tomato plant, as they will keep each other safe and happy.  Some of the basil I had was too old, and probably wouldn't grow, so I tipped those seeds into my compost pot.  Every bit really does help!
I had another packet of basil seeds.  They are happily settled here, with the tomato:
When planting the tomato, I had some older potting mix to use up, which I put at the bottom of the tub, where it would be away from the roots of the plant, as I'm not sure how it would carry nutrients.  The texture is like wet clay mud:
(don't you love my fancy gardening gloves?  Food grade disposable vinyl, for those playing along at home)
And topped it up with new potting mix:
For the herb garden, I took out all the little sprouts that I thought may survive, taking as much dirt with them as possible.  I put them aside and filled the tub to the top with fresh potting mix.
I carefully planted the sprouts back in amongst the other herbs, here:
And as for Rupert, I put him in a nice little pot under a tree:
This is the rest of the tree:
There was also more sprinkling of seeds.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! :-)

Love you all!

Cassandra Louise.


  1. that rain...those puddles...look like what we've been getting here too...sometimes we feel like water front property...but then the ground sucks it all in!

    good luck with ALL your herbs!!
    OH, and your gloves look just like mine! :)

    happy sunday.

  2. Happy gardening! looking forward to hearing about the growth of your new herbs :)