Friday, 3 February 2012

News from my garden

You guys remember these lovely surprise potato shoots?
Well I'm actually not sure if the only thing that came up in that pot is a potato plant or not.  I'll be certain to keep you posted.
I know a lot of things in my garden are going quite well, others, not so much.  So much rain recently.  Rain is very good, and I am ever grateful for rain, but it was too much for some of my less-established bean plants, and they buckled under the weight of their own drenched leaves.  My more established bean plants, however, really took off in the rain.  They have gotten to the stage where the flowers are starting to fall away, revealing tiny little green bean pods, full of life and vitality yet to be realised.  These beans are purple king beans and the pods, when fully grown, are vibrant purple.

These are climbing vines, and they have wound their way right up to the top of the fence and beyond!  This is a picture of the tops of the plants up above my head.

Quite beautiful, really.  And the end result of this beauty will be something my family can eat.  Bonus!

Signed with love,
Cassandra Louise.

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