Thursday, 10 November 2011

Surprise Potatoes!

Just a short post today, I'm just so excited!
I say take your blessings where you find them, and I feel I have been blessed!
You guys remember this?
Well I really didn't hold out much hope of actually harvesting any potatoes from my surprise potato plant, since potatoes are sensitive about the amount of water they are given, and this container had no drainage, but when the plant died off, I tipped it out and hunted through just in case.
I was amazed and delighted with the first potato I found, so imagine how I felt at the end of the harvest, when I'd uncovered these:
Oh, they're not green, they're just in a green bucket... Anyhow, I thought that was a pretty good haul for some soggy dirt that I never even expected a plant from, and so I am truly blessed by these wonderful potatoes!

Love to you all,
Cassandra Louise.

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