Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Here's The Thing I'm Really Excited About At The Moment:

Here's why I'm excited by it:
  • everyone needs to clean their teeth
  • toothbrushes are usually made from plastic
  • plastic comes from oil
  • oil has to be mined out the ground
  • the Environmental Toothbrush is not made of plastic, which leaves precious oil for other things
 I'd just like to point out now, before I go any further, this is not a paid review, I just want to let all you guys know about this fantastic thing I'm excited about.
The Environmental Toothbrush is an Australian innovation.  Unlike a regular plastic toothbrush, this toothbrush can be thrown into your compost when it's time to change it.  The toothbrush will break down and go towards feeding your garden!
Unlike other environmentally friendly toothbrushes you may have heard of, there are no animal products used to make the Environmental Toothbrush, and it's not made of wood.  The handle of the toothbrush is bamboo, so there is no deforestation; bamboo is a completely renewable resource! :-D
You can read a more eloquent explanation about them at the company's own website, at this link.
You can also buy a pack of 12 at the site quite cheaply.  I didn't know if I liked them, yet, because I'm fussy about toothbrushes, so I just wanted one to try.  You can buy just one from this company, (that's where I got mine).
I've only used my Environmental Toothbrush once, but I already love, love, love it!
Price wise it compares well to other toothbrushes; despite being fantastic in all ways it is not more expensive than any others, and is cheaper than some.  The bristles are well-anchored, which is something I was worried about with a bamboo toothbrush.  I'm pretty sure nobody likes loose bristles getting caught between their teeth, so just to make sure that wouldn't happen, I gave my teeth a super-scrubbing.  I may actually have the cleanest teeth in the world and absolutely no bristles were lost from this brush.  Win.
Here is a picture of me being stupidly excited about trying the Environmental Toothbrush for the first time.
And I totally wasn't disappointed!
Love to you all!
Cassandra Louise.

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